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If you have already filed your Workers’ Compensation claim, and it did not quite work out, there are other actions you can take. Appeals of workers’ compensation claims are allowed. However, you should know by now that it’s not an easy process and time is running. You don’t want to miss this one this time so it is highly recommended you contact one of our lawyers.

If you weren’t denied but were awarded inadequate compensation, you may also file an appeal. We at Workers’ Compensation LLC will make sure you get what you deserve.

The odds against you increase after your claim has been denied by a Judge. The burden to reverse the denial increases,  since your case has already been lost. An experienced attorney can increase your chances of a successful appeal by identifying the issues that need to be re-addressed

There is time limit that runs in filing for appeal, so you need to contact one of our lawyers immediately to assess your situation.


When initiating a new claim, there will be the need to submit Form 1008 or Disputed Claim for Compensation. Once you file a claim, there will be Hearings before a Workers’ Compensation Judge.  Do not jeopardize the benefits by participating in these Hearings alone.  It is best that you talk to us, so we can devise a strategy and represent you in all hearings.

We will assist you in every step of the process, which includes filing your claim, discovery, depositions, hearings, mediation, and your trial, where there is an opportunity to question witnesses and present evidence. We will make solid legal arguments for your case and work to have the judge grant the benefits you deserve. We can even appeal unfavorable decisions to the Court of Appeal if there are grounds for an appeal.

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