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Workers’ Compensation Death Benefits

Losing a loved one due to a work-related injury or illness is devastating. Nothing can replace your loved one, but the law does provide you with some compensation for your loss to help with your expenses. If you’re unsure of the type of benefits that you can get following the demise of a family member or loved one, our attorneys here at Workers’ Compensation LLC can help you out. We can also assist you to get your Louisiana Workers’ Termination Benefits.


Louisiana Workers’ compensation law entitles surviving family members to financial support. A surviving spouse who was living with the worker at the time of death, children who are under 18, disabled, or under the age of 23 and full-time students are automatically considered dependents under the law. Others may be considered dependent if they relied on the worker’s income and were either living with the worker or are related to the worker.


  • If you had a loved one pass away due to a work-related injury or illness, our lawyers at Workers’ Compensation can help.
  • You don’t need to file for benefits alone. Our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys will help you file for benefits and ensure you get the assistance you need and deserve.
  • Our trusted Louisiana workers’ compensation law firm will help you make the right decisions regarding you and your family’s rights during this difficult time.


Benefit Amounts

The amount of financial support you receive depends on the worker’s weekly wage at the time of death. The maximum weekly benefit is $653 as of 2018. The amount of support is a percentage of the worker’s wage, and the percentage you receive depends on your relationship with the worker and the number of other dependents.

For example, if you are the spouse and there are no children, you will receive 32.5 percent of the worker’s weekly wage, up to a maximum of $653. If you are the spouse and you have two or more dependent children, you receive 65 percent of the worker’s wage.

If you are a surviving spouse, you receive benefits until your death or until you remarry. Children receive benefits until they are age 18, or age 23 if they are full-time students, or until they marry.

You are also entitled to receive a lump sum benefit for burial expenses. The maximum benefit for burial is $8,500.


Filing Your Claim

The first step in filing a claim for workers’ compensation death benefits is contacting the employer of the deceased worker. This might seem intimidating, but our Louisiana lawyers can help you throughout the process of filing for death benefit claims. Our attorneys can assist in filing workers comp claims and will walk you through processing the Louisiana worker’s compensation benefits requirements.


Your Trusted Partner

You have enough to handle. Dealing with a workers’ compensation claim may seem overwhelming, and you may not know what to do. That’s okay. Workers’ Compensation LLC will help you make all the right decisions concerning all legal processes to ensure that you get exactly what you deserve. You can also visit our other locations in Metairie, Baton Rouge, Alexandria, Monroe and Amite City.

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