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What if I cannot ever go back to work?

The Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Act provides disability benefits to those individuals who are physically unable to return to work ever again due to their work-related injuries. An employee seeking Permanent Total Disability (PTD) benefits must prove that he or she is physically unable to return to any type of employment, regardless of whether it is a job that would only be available for a short time each year or if special accommodations were made.

Being declared totally disabled in Social Security does not mean that you will automatically be found permanently disabled for workers’ compensation. The rules on disability are different.

The Court should not consider your pain in determining whether you meet the qualifications for PTD. In fact, you will not qualify for PTD if it is shown that you can work in pain. The Court will consider your work history, educational background, and whether you have transferrable skills that, with retraining, could make you suitable to reenter the workforce with your disabilities.

Proving PTD is challenging. It requires medical and vocational rehabilitation experts. The attorneys at Workers’ Compensation, L.L.C., are experienced in proving PTD claims, Louisiana indemnity wage benefits, medical benefits and many more. Call us to review your case and discuss your options.

Present the necessary evidence

A doctor’s assessment and a lawyer’s advice are two important things you must have if you want to assert a claim to the benefits you think you are entitled to. You must show to the court that you have been determined to be permanently and totally disabled. Sometimes, a work history and other documentations are necessary. We will help you get through the process. We have a long experience in doing so.

Know the other benefits you can get

By talking to a lawyer, you will get the necessary advice of what to do next and what other benefits are you entitled to. Qualify for Social Security Disability and Medicare benefits. Your lawyer can even negotiate a one-time payment instead of weekly payouts. See our reputable workers’ compensation lawyer for Louisiana Temporary Total Disability Benefits claims.

Again, we really have to reiterate the importance of getting a lawyer. Everyday, we are fighting for workers and their claims. We know what to do, let us help you. Call us at 504-838-8883. You won’t pay anything when you call us. We will listen and we can discuss what are your options.

Visit us at our offices in Louisiana for assistance on PTD claims in Metairie, Baton Rouge, Alexandria, Monroe and Amite City.

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