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Understanding Your Medical Benefits

Workers’ compensation entitles you to more than just payment for lost wages. You are also entitled to coverage for your medical care and reimbursement for the miles you travel to receive that care.

Your medical providers can file a claim directly with your employer or their workers’ compensation insurance company. You can also pay and then be reimbursed, but that may require paying a lot of your hard earned money out of pocket.

You have rights regarding getting your medical care covered. Let us help you claim your workers’ compensation medical benefits in Louisiana.

  • If you’ve been injured on the job, you deserve coverage for your medical treatment, and our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys will help you get your benefits in Louisiana.
  • We have helped thousands of people get their medical bills covered through filing workers’ comp claims.
  • Our competent Louisiana attorneys can connect you with a doctor to assist you with the claims process.
  • Let us guide you through the workers’ compensation process so you get every benefit you deserve.


Getting You the Medical Care You Need

You have the right to choose your doctor. You can choose one doctor in each specialty field that you need to meet your medical needs. You should make your choice carefully, though, because it is unlikely that you can obtain the permission of your employer or their insurer to switch to a different doctor once you’ve chosen one.

Your employer or their insurer will also need to approve any non-emergency medical care that costs more than $750. Your doctor will need to submit the paperwork to your employer, and they have five days to decide on your claim. They can choose to approve it, deny it, or request additional information.

We have helped thousands of individuals get the right medical attention that they deserve. Our Louisiana work injury attorneys will advocate tirelessly on your behalf to ensure you get the care you need.


Help with the Claims Process

Obviously, choosing the right doctor for your care is important. Here at Workers’ Compensation LLC, our attorneys can recommend a doctor for you that can help with the claims process.

The medical claims process can be involved. Your doctor has strict timelines to meet, or your claim will be automatically denied. Your doctor has to respond to any requests they make for additional information.

If your claim is denied, you can request a review by the Office of Workers’ Compensation Administration medical director. If you don’t agree with that decision, you can request a judicial review.

If you’re having trouble getting the medical treatment you need to recover, our competent Louisiana attorneys will work on your behalf. You deserve the best in medical care. You worked for it and you earned it.


The Guidance You Need

As you can see, the claims process is complicated. Our attorneys will guide you throughout the whole process that will lead you to getting what is rightfully yours. You’re not alone. Call us for a free consultation at 504-838-8883 or visit us at these locations in Louisiana for more information with regard to workers’ compensation medical benefits in Metairie, Baton Rouge, Alexandria, Monroe and Amite City.


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