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Once you are injured in the job, you have to get treatment immediately. Do not wait for your condition to worsen. If you need medical attention right away, seek it right away. Think about the expenses and claims later.

Call one of our lawyers. Workers’ Compensation LLC has been helping employees for years get their medical benefits. All your queries will be answered and we can also talk about how best to deal with your current situation.

In most cases, you are entitled to a maximum amount of 750 USD for health care when you do not contact your employer before the treatment. As much as possible, you want to raise your injury or illness and the need for treatment to your employer right away so that there is no cap to the amount you may be entitled to.

Remember one thing— You are entitled to the best medical treatment. You can even choose your preferred doctor and the kind of treatment that is best for you as long as it is reasonable. Diagnosis and tests are also shouldered. These entitlements are not always approved, most are denied, however, if you prove that your claim is reasonable and in good faith, you won’t have any problem. The burden of proving such is quite heavy, though. That is why it is best you call a lawyer.

If your employer will not release funds for your treatment, you can have him reimburse it later. Your employer would most likely ask you to see their doctors for a second medical opinion. You must attend these appointments. You are only required to attend one of the doctors of your employer, else, it is harassment. He is not allowed to compel you to be examined by more than one doctor to get results that are favorable to them. Take note that your employer can have your case investigated and they may prove that the medical treatment you avail is unnecessary. This can be a ground for denying your reimbursement. We cannot emphasize more the need to hire a lawyer for the protection of your interests.

Now what happens if the findings of your doctor and your employer’s doctor does not match? This is when Independent Medical Examinations by Louisiana Office of Workers’ Compensation Medical Services Division is required. The Workers’ Compensation judge may also judicially appoint a doctor to perform said Independent Medical Examination. Whatever the findings of this IME doctor will be the medical opinion that will hold. Provide the IME doctor all your medical records.

You can always appeal even if the IME doctor’s findings are not favorable to you.

Your medical benefits also cover the drugs that you need while on treatment. Call us today at 504-838-8883 so you are aware of all other benefits you may be entitled to. Check out our trusted workers comp medical claims legal service in Louisiana. You can also visit our offices in these locations Metairie, Baton Rouge, Alexandria, Monroe and Amite City.

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