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Non- Appropriated Fund Instrumentalities Act (NAFIA)

What is the NAFIA?

The Non-Appropriated Funds Instrumentalities Act (NAFIA) is an extension of the Longshore Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA). It seeks to extend the coverage of the LHWCA to employees who are working for the the non-appropriated fund instrumentalities industries. These are usually the support members of the country’s armed forces. They are the ones trying to help out the military by providing them with treatment, care, and rehabilitation. They may be administrative personnel, storekeepers, daycare providers, warehouse men, operators, housekeepers, and more. Contact us at 504-838-8883
and we will assess your situation.

NAFIA benefits include compensation for lost wages in case of disability, death benefits, and medical care and treatment.

  • At Workers’ Compensation LLC, we have Louisiana work injury attorneys who focus on filing claims under the NAFIA.
  • Even if your claim is initially denied, our Louisiana attorneys will work on your behalf to file an appeal so you can get the benefits you’ve worked for.
  • Our workers’ compensation attorneys will guide you through the claims process so you can get the benefits you deserve and we will sit down with you if you want to know more about Louisiana Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act and Louisiana Defense Base Act DBA

What to do if an Adjuster sends you a Notice of Controversion?

Hire a reliable lawyer. At Workers’ Compensation LLC, we have lawyers who specialize in NAFIA.

If you are denied your claim, you can still appeal with the help of a lawyer. Which is why we strongly suggest that you get a lawyer from the time you file so that you can increase your chances of having your claim approved. You don’t want to go through the appeal process and you surely want to receive your award as soon as possible. Again, call us. We will discuss what you have to do right away! Or visit our other branches at Metairie, LABaton RougeAlexandriaMonroe and Amite City.

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