A man excited about receiving benefits.

Can I Receive Other Benefits While Receiving Workers’ Compensation in Louisiana?

When you’re hurt at work in Louisiana, you can get financial and medical help through workers’ compensation benefits. But many times, you may be entitled to other benefits, too. Don’t pass up any additional source…

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How Long Do I Have to File a Claim Under Louisiana Workers’ Compensation?

When you’re hurt at work in Louisiana, it’s extremely important to report the accident to your employer and seek medical treatment immediately. In many cases, you need to start your workers’ compensation claim within 30…

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A man wondering about his workers comp benefits.

When Should I Receive Workers’ Comp Payments in Louisiana? And How Much Will I Receive?

When you’re hurt at work in Louisiana, and your doctor says you’re too hurt to keep working, your employer must pay you lost wage benefits—and they must calculate it correctly and pay it promptly. This…

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A longshore worker adjusting their safety helmet.

4 Differences Between Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Comp and Jones Act Claims

Ports and waterways are some of the most important fixtures of our economy in Louisiana. Working on or near water also comes with hazards. If you’re a maritime worker injured on the job in Louisiana,…

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