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Real Case: Be Careful with Workers’ Comp Independent Medical Exams

Most Louisiana workers have no idea how multiple details in the law controlling workers’ compensation could make or break your effort to get vital financial assistance if you’re hurt on the job. One part of…

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Louisiana Workers’ Comp Attorney Tim Benedetto Wins National Conference Scholarship

Workers’ compensation attorney Tim Benedetto was one of only two attorneys nationwide named as a recipient of a 2022 scholarship for workers’ comp lawyers. The scholarship gives Tim a membership in the Workers’ Injury Law…

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When Your Work Injury Will Never Heal Completely: Permanent Partial Disability Benefits

If you ever thought about what would happen if you got hurt on the job, you might have pictured going to a clinic or emergency room, spending time resting and healing at home, missing some…

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Major Workers’ Comp Appeals Court Win Upholds Workers’ Rights

Thanks in part to a case recently handled by workers’ compensation lawyer Tim Benedetto from our firm, workers in Louisiana who are injured on the job don’t have to explain other injuries that they don’t…

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