Can I Get Workers’ Compensation for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Louisiana?

Workers’ compensation benefits are a lifeline when physical strains, pains and weaknesses sideline you at work. The benefits provide support for your medical care and assistance with your income if you can’t work.  Limitation or…

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Can I Start a New Job While Receiving Workers’ Comp Benefits?

After a work-related injury, you just want to move on. It’s understandable. Workers’ compensation benefits can help you get there financially. But what if moving on includes getting a new job? Can you change jobs…

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My Workers’ Comp Medical Benefits Aren’t Getting Authorized. What Should I Do?

The whole point of workers’ compensation benefits is to help you recover from an injury on the job—in most cases so you can eventually return to work and get your life back to normal. The…

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What Kinds of Workers’ Compensation Payments Can I Get?

When you’re hurt at work, chances are you’ll be entitled to some type of financial compensation under Louisiana workers’ compensation law. The payments you could receive are designed to help you replace some of the…

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