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Income Benefits

What are Income Benefits? Basically this is an amount you may get to replace a portion of your wage or salary that you lost because of suffering from an injury or illness due to work.

In order to understand Income Benefits, we must first talk about how you can determine your Average Weekly Wage. Knowing this will give you an idea how much is  your Workers’ Compensation Income Benefits award. Usually, the Average Weekly Wage is the average gross wages during a month before the injury. The calculations, however, is subject to adjustments.

Now what do we mean by “gross wages” as mentioned above? Basically it’s the total amount of your salary before taxes and other deductibles like your insurances were applied. You compute your gross wages for a month or a total of four full weeks before you were injured.

Deductions will apply if you took a leave, whether full or partial. Holidays are also taken into consideration. This will also be deducted. The same is the case if you were laid off. Again, four weeks before the accident. The keyword here is “before”. You do not take into account the week when the injury was suffered. If you happen to have two jobs or more, this will be accounted for. However, you computation is not based on your higher paying job. You can talk to a lawyer so you can have an idea of the computation of the income benefits you can avail. There will most likely be differences in the computation of your income benefits by your lawyer and your employer’s insurance company’s lawyers.

If your Workers’ Compensation claim and it is granted, you will also be awarded Income Benefits subject to applicable deductions. It is important to keep in mind that you are entitled to payment of wages that you were not able to earn due to your injury, disability, or illness.

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