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Workers’ Compensation LLC in Alexandria

Alexandria Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: The trusted choice to get you the compensation you deserve!

There can be many factors at work that put our health and safety at risk. A simple mistake, a faulty piece of equipment, or a failure to follow safety protocols can sometimes lead to life-changing injuries.

Even if you don’t work in a high-risk field like construction or manufacturing, sometimes seemingly harmless activities in the work area can lead to injury. Maybe that box was a little too heavy, or perhaps you slipped on a recently mopped floor that wasn’t marked as “wet”.

When getting injured on the job, many of us worry about how this may affect our futures. How will you cover all the unexpected medical bills? What will you do if you’re unable to work for a long period of time while you’re in recovery? Luckily, you are likely entitled to workers compensation to help you through this difficult time.


Know your Rights Under Workers Compensation


It’s important to know your rights under your local workers’ comp laws. It’s not always easy to navigate the complicated world of workers compensation benefits on your own. Your employer will likely have a team of lawyers ready to handle their end of the settlement, trying to push you into settling for the lowest possible amount.

Your employer may ask you to come back to work before you feel 100% up to the task or claim your injuries aren’t as serious as you know they are. Perhaps they will ask you to get an opinion from a doctor of their choosing versus your own trusted physician. This is why it’s important to have a team of trusted and honest attorneys in your court to help you navigate the settlement process. Assuring that you get the time you need to recover completely and get the compensation you deserve.


Trusted Workers Compensation Lawyers that Get Results

A team of professional workers compensation lawyers can help the process of your settlement run smoothly and in your favor by helping gather evidence to the severity of your injuries, help you receive compensation for your medical bills and the time you’ll be missing from work while in recovery, or even help arrange future employment in a different position in your company if you are unable to return to the same task.

Alexandria’s team of reputable and reliable workers compensation lawyers are ready to fight for you. We will be by your side throughout the settlement process, making sure the terms are in your favor and helping you get back on your feet. If you’ve been injured on the job, call us now to get the ball rolling on your settlement with a free consultation!


About Workers’ Compensation LLC.

Workers’ Compensation LLC is a Louisiana law firm with more than two decades of experience helping Louisiana’s workers get the compensation they deserve when filing a workers’ comp claim. We specialize in helping injured employees understand their rights while utilizing our knowledge to make sure they receive the full compensation, disability, or social security benefits they are entitled to under Louisiana law.

Our lawyers will be by your side throughout the process while you communicate with your employer, take the time off needed to recover, apply for social security or disability benefits, file the necessary paperwork from your doctors, or discuss a change of position within your company.

Every case is different, and we will give you our full attention to come up with a plan of action that best suits you and your case, assuring you receive the maximum benefits and compensation you’re entitled to.

  • Since our company was founded in 1993, we have represented thousands of injured workers in Louisiana, helping them get the compensation and benefits they deserve
  • Our team of trusted attorneys has a strong reputation for honesty and professionalism within the community, providing a strong backbone to help you build your case.
  • Our workers’ compensation lawyers are trusted and recommended by individuals, attorneys, and even many large companies throughout the state for claims such as Louisiana State Workers’ Compensation and Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation.
  • We are proud to be a part of the Alexandria community by helping our local residents. We work hard to assure Alexandria’s workforce is able to apply for fair compensation in the case of an on the job injury.


Quality and Trusted Services we Provide to Clients

Filing your worker’s compensation claim can be a lengthy and often confusing process. Our highly-reviewed team at Workers’ Compensation LLC is here to guide you through every step of the process.

Here are just a few of the services we offer:

  • Lawyer: Our team of skilled and reliable lawyers is here to help you through every step of the process when applying for workers’ compensation or disability. Our highly recommended lawyers are some of the top-rated workers’ comp attorneys in the area and are here to answer any questions you may have about worker’s rights and injury compensation. Not sure if your injury qualifies? Contact us for a free consultation with one of our reputable lawyers to find out.
  • Legal Services: Our legal team is fully equipped to help you with a wide range of legal services. In addition to helping you build a strong case for compensation, we can also help ensure that you are offered a good position in your company if your injury requires you to switch roles, help you apply for temporary or permanent disability benefits, and fight for your right to go to the doctor of your choosing.
  • Law Firm: When working with Workers’ Compensation LLC, you can feel at ease knowing you have the full strength of a full law firm behind you. Our dedicated team of professional attorneys will work together to handle your case.
  • Social Security Attorney: whether you’re already in the process of applying for Social Security benefits or just thinking about it for the future, our team is here to help you through the process. We can help you understand your options and find out if you qualify. If your application is turned down for any reason, we can help you file your appeal and get you back on track to receiving the benefits you deserve.
  • Employment Attorney: Our team of professionals is well versed in all aspects of Louisiana employment law, not only workers compensation. We care about our local Alexandria community and want to help assure that you’re getting treated fairly and compensated appropriately by your employer. If you have questions about any legal aspects of your employment, our team is here to help!


Visit us at our firm or call us:

3724 Government St, Alexandria, LA 71302, USA



Directions to Our Conveniently Located Offices

From Alexandria International Airport:

  • Head east on Frank Andrews Blvd toward Billy Mitchell Blvd.
  • In 0.06 miles take the 1st right onto Billy Mitchell Blvd.
  • In 0.50 miles turn right to stay on Billy Mitchell Blvd.
  • In 0.31 miles take the 1st left onto Chennault Ave.
  • In 0.21 miles take the 1st right onto Vandenburg Dr.
  • In 1.55 miles turn left onto Coliseum Blvd/Colonial Trails Scenic Byway/LA-28.
  • In 2.94 miles turn right onto MacArthur Dr/Colonial Trails Scenic Byway/US-71 S/US-165 S.
  • In 1.52 miles turn left onto MacArthur Dr.
  • In 0.03 miles stay to the right to stay on MacArthur Dr.
  • Your destination will be on the left. If you reach Halsey St. you’ve gone a little too far.


From Moreland:

  • Head northeast on Old Baton Rouge Hwy/LA-1208-1 toward Highway 71/US-71 N/US-167 N.
  • In 0.01 miles take the 1st left onto Highway 71/US-71 N/US-167 N. Continue to follow US-71 N.
  • In 6.18 miles enter next roundabout and take the 2nd exit onto MacArthur Dr/Colonial Trails Scenic Byway/US-71 N/US-165 N.
  • In 0.64 miles turn right onto MacArthur Dr.
  • In 0.01 miles stay to the right to stay on MacArthur Dr.
  • Your destination will be on the left. If you reach Halsey St you’ve gone a little too far.


From Pineville:

  • Head west on Highway 28/Colonial Trails Scenic Byway/LA-28/LA-3100.
  • In 0.16 miles turn left onto Colonial Trails Scenic Byway/LA-28.
  • In 0.22 miles take Colonial Trails Scenic Byway/Pineville Expy/US-167 S/LA-28 W.
  • In 2.02 miles take the LA-28 W exit toward Downtown Alexandria/LA-1.
  • In 0.25 miles merge onto Colonial Trails Scenic Byway/US-167 S.
  • In 1.22 miles turn right onto Fenner St/Colonial Trails Scenic Byway/US-165 Bus S. Continue to follow Colonial Trails Scenic Byway/US-165 Bus S.
  • In 1.44 miles enter the next roundabout and take the 1st exit onto MacArthur Dr/Colonial Trails Scenic Byway/US-71 N/US-165 N.
  • In 0.43 miles turn right onto MacArthur Dr.
  • Stay to the right to stay on MacArthur Dr
  • Your destination will be on the left. If you reach Halsey St you’ve gone a little too far

About Alexandria

Alexandria is a vibrant and historical city nestled into the heart of Louisiana. Alexandria features a welcoming and diverse community and is known for lively festivals, events, and family friendly parades during the Mardi Gras season.

While visiting our office in Alexandria, take some time to explore all our city has to offer. Here are just a few of the wonderful places to visit during your time in Alexandria:

  • Alexandria Zoological Park: A local favorite for children and adults, the Alexandria Zoological Park has been a major attraction in Alexandria since 1926! The zoo is home to over 500 animals in a beautiful 33-acre park. It’s a great place to go for a stroll or you can take the kids on a train ride on the Bayou Le Zoo Choo Choo.
  • Kent Plantation House Historic Site: The Kent Plantation house is the oldest standing structure in central Louisiana! Originally erected in 1800, the Kent Plantation House and restored period structures surrounding it are a true glimpse into plantation life in the late 1700s to mid-1800s. A little piece of all the cultures that influenced Louisiana can be seen throughout the historic site, with French, Spanish, and American flags hanging over the entrance.
  • Lincoln Park: Lincoln Park is a lovely place to enjoy the beautiful Alexandria weather and spend some time outdoors. Running along the base of the Red River Levee, Lincoln Park features two basketball courts, a large open-play lawn, and a playground for the little ones. A great place for a family picnic or casual walk in the sunshine.
  • Alexandria Museum of Art: Housed in the beautiful and historic Rapides Bank and Trust Company Building, the Alexandria Museum of Art is not to be missed. The museum features rotating exhibitions including art from their permanent collection as well as traveling exhibitions from around the world.


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Community Involvement

At Alexandria Worker’s Compensation LLC, we truly care about our community and the people who call Alexandria home. Nothing brings us greater joy than being able to share our expertise on employee rights under workers’ compensation in order to help represent our local citizens during the difficult times that can accompany a work injury. Here are just a few of the success stories we’d like to share with you:

  • Leroy was on the job when a pipe exploded, leaving him with severe injuries. His employer didn’t want to compensate, so Leroy called Workers’ Compensation LLC, and with the help of our team, he was able to negotiate a workers comp. settlement that worked for him.
  • After being a loyal employee for 27 years, Mike injured his back while working on a ship on the Mississippi River. Mike felt pressured by his employer to go back to work before he was fully recovered. Mike called us at Workers’ Compensation LLC, and we helped assure he was given the time to make a full recovery.
  • Raymond was exposed to dangerous chemical pesticides while working for a military company overseas. Due to the classified nature of his work, Raymond had difficulty finding a lawyer who was able to help him file a claim for compensation. Another attorney recommended he call Workers’ Compensation LLC, and we were able to get him the compensation he deserved.


Business Information

Name: Workers’ Compensation LLC
Addresses: 1821 MacArthur Dr. Alexandria, LA 71301
Phones: 318-233-3832
Hours: Monday – Saturday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday: Closed

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