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Workers’ Compensation LLC in Baton Rouge

Workers Compensation LLC in Baton Rouge represents individuals injured on the job. Here at our firm, our attorneys handle cases under the Louisiana State Workers’ Compensation and Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation.

Established in 1993, we have been providing Baton Rouge residents as well as nearby areas within New Orleans, Louisiana our legal services.


Our Workers Compensation Legal Service

We understand the difficulty of handling such claims while you are recovering from an injury that happened at work. Our firm will help make your lives easier as our legal staff and our workers compensation attorneys take care of everything that must be done to smoothen out the entire process and make sure that everything moves fast so you can get the benefits that you deserve right away.


The Law In Louisiana

In Louisiana, employers are required to have workers compensation insurance for their employees for the latter’s protection should they get injured while on the job. In exchange for this requirement by the government, employers are then protected from the risk from an employee filing a civil lawsuit against them because of the injury incurred while at work.


We Also Deal With SSD Claims

Aside from workers compensation, we also deal with Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. Over the years, we have helped thousands of clients to claim their SSD benefits. Typically a long process, with the help of a lawyer the burden is taken off your shoulders and delivers a quicker process.

To ensure that our clients get the benefits they deserve as fast as possible, we have a team of attorneys whose sole focus is SSD claims.


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Living In Baton Rouge

A famous food scene, vibrant culture, world-class companies and you can comfortably live in this area? It might sound a deal too good to be true, but the locals of Baton Rouge know that this is a lifestyle.

The community of this small area has the thriving energy of a vast metropolitan city all thanks to its cutting-edge research centers and universities, all while maintaining a very small town fee.

Thousands of millennials have been flocking to this neighborhood and that’s for a reason. The area has quite a lot to offer for the average resident. Here are the best things about living in Baton Rouge.


Population in Metairie

Currently, the suburb has a population of 144,772 people with a median age of 40.5. The suburb recently showed significant population growth between 2015 and 2016 where it grew from 142,715 to 144,772.


Rich History

The city of Baton Rouge has experienced quite a considerable transformation in the last few years. The once dull and uninviting area along the Mississippi River has now woken up, is walkable, filled with an urban setting with bustling grocery stores, entertainment, bars, art, and restaurants.

A good example of this is the Watermark Hotel, a bank headquarters that was transformed into a boutique hotel that pays homage to a rich history by preparing delicious Southern cuisine in an enticing space. And while the city’s downtown is lined with old buildings housing new people and purposes, there are some newcomers which have added a modern aesthetic to the city’s setting.


Housing in Baton Rouge

Ranked among the top ten real estate markets to watch in the United States, Baton Rouge provides an array of housing options from historic houses dating back centuries ago to high-rise apartment buildings that give the city its modern look. And owing to the city’s low cost of living, anyone can find a home of their dreams without having to spend a fortune. What’s even interesting about life in this city is that the residents are not required to pay property tax for their first $75,000 on their primary residence. And as the city’s millennial population has continued to grow over the years, the downtown housing options have greatly expanded to include some luxury apartments such as The Commercial Building, which boasts a rooftop swimming pool that overlooks the Mississippi River. And just some miles from the city’s downtown, you can also settle in a calmer side of Baton Rouge, such as the historic neighborhoods of Garden District, Beauregard Town, and Spanish Town, which are now home to new bungalows.



Culture & Food

Baton Rouge, which is the capital of Louisiana, is the melting pot of the nation’s most dynamic culture. This city’s signature cuisine is something you cannot afford to miss. Sourced from influences from Cajun country and New Orleans, the Baton Rouge’s cuisine is one that perfectly embraces the city’s Southern traditions (rice, red beans, gumbo, and boudin), while infusing a whole new twist to the Louisiana food. Some great Southern pleasantries like Smokin’ Aces BBQ and Chicken Shack are a few of this city’s most beloved restaurants for the visitors as well as locals. Surprisingly, Southern food is not all this city has to offer, anyone who is looking to give their taste buds something new to taste can enjoy an assortment of global flavors, with Vietnamese and Honduran fusion restaurants.

The city’s nightlife has also been found to be as diverse as the restaurant arena. A slew of distilleries and breweries are not popping up in a city which is not also short of creative cocktail bars.



City Resources

Despite being small-sized, the city of Baton Rouge offers the opportunities and resources that you can find in some of the largest cities in the country. With a low cost of living as well as a high median income, the city’s residents can definitely make most of their monthly paychecks. Baton Rouge is also an upcoming starting scene, and global companies like EA Games, IBM, Exxon Mobil, and Coca-Cola have helped make this city a leader in Louisiana’s job creation arena, with more than 6,000 jobs being added every year.

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