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Workers’ Compensation & Personal Injury Lawyers in Monroe

The residents of Monroe are known for their steadfast and dedicated work ethic.

Unfortunately, working hard at any job comes with its risks. Particularly the risk of injury in the course of your work, due to another person or businesses’ negligence, or even from equipment failure.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being injured, you’ll not only be the victim of pain and suffering from your injuries, but missing work can cause unforeseeable financial hardship for you and your family.  When you’ve been injured due to no fault of your own, you’ll need a capable law firm in your corner to represent you, stand up for your rights and help you get the compensation you deserve.

Workers Compensation LLC is your greatest asset when you need to file a worker’s compensation claim.  Give us a call or visit our office to speak to an attorney about your injury and your case when you’re out of work due to an injury and ready to seek compensation.


If you’re injured on the job, you want to hire a law firm that you can trust:


  • Recommended by our clients to provide the best representation available
  • One of the top law firms in Louisiana according to online reviews
  • Trustworthy representation to ensure you are compensated for your on-the-job injury
  • Workers Compensation LLC offers affordable rates and legitimate legal services to ensure your family receives the financial support they need
  • Offering highly reviewed professional legal services in Monroe, LA and multiple locations across the state



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High Quality, Affordable Representation You can Trust!

We know that legal services can be costly. This prevents hard working people like you from seeking representation for your injuries. When you’re hurt on the job, you deserve a workers’ compensation attorney that understands your situation and fights hard to get you the results and the workers’ compensation settlements you need to support your family. We understand that you would rather work and earn a paycheck, but that may not always be possible.


Workers Compensation Claims

You put everything into your work and supporting your family. Maybe your employer created an unsafe work environment or asked you to perform a task that is dangerous. Perhaps faulty equipment or lack of safety protocols is to blame.

Whatever the case, our law firm is here to help. When you get hurt, you need to understand your rights under workers compensation law as an employee. You may be entitled to receive compensation for your injury while you’re out of work for an injury as a result of a workplace accident.

Employers spend a lot of money to ensure they have the best legal representation they can afford. They will be working hard to prevent you from receiving the payments that are due to you. You are not alone! We will help you file a work injury compensation claim and fight for you and your family.


Social Security Disability

Your injury may even be more severe. If you suffer from an injury or illness that prevents you from working, you may be entitled to Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) to help you pay your bills and living expenses.

When you are unable to work, there are several federal and state programs that are here to assist you and your family. Workers Compensation LLC is here to help you file your SSDI claim and fight for the fair compensation you need to pay your bills.

The government has a limited budget for the payment of social security benefits and congress is currently drafting legislation to decrease the money available for those who are disabled. This will make it increasingly difficult to have your claim approved. This means that you will need to file your claim, and get it approved as soon as possible. An attorney who specializes in this type of claim will be your biggest asset.


Don’t let your employer’s highly paid attorneys bury your Workers’ Compensation Claim

We offer a wide variety of services to assist you with your legal needs at an affordable price.  You will find the high-quality services you need and a lawyer who is ready to take your case and get you results!


  • General Counsel:  Whatever your legal issues or questions, we have an attorney who will speak to you and help resolve your problems.
  • Law Firm:  Employers’ Compensation LLC is a full-service law firm also able to help with any legal questions or problems you may come across
  • Social Security Attorney: If you are sick or disabled, we will fight for your claim with the Social Security Administration to help you get paid the benefits that you deserve.
  • Legal Services:  If you need to have an official contract written, serve your tenets with an eviction, or anything in between; we offer a full range of legal services out of each branch.
  • Employment Attorney:  Are you the victim of discrimination, harassment in the workplace or wrongful termination?  You don’t have to take that from your employer. We are here to help you win your case!


Visit us at our firm or call us:

2000 Lamy Ln, Monroe, LA 71201, USA



Driving Directions to our Conveniently Located Office

Worker’s Compensation LLC is centrally located in Monroe, just off North Causeway Blvd.  Just a short drive trip from the Monroe landmark Strauss Theatre Center, our offices are easy to locate when you come for your Free Consultation.

From the Strauss Theatre Center, just start out going north on Lamy Lane and continue for about a half a mile.  You will see our office on the right, just past Evangeline Street. If you reach Magellan Drive, you have gone too far.

If you decide to have lunch at El Jarrito Mexican Grill before your appointment, just head north on Lamy Lane for less than a half mile.  You will come to our offices on your right.

From SpaNouvelle, just go north on Lamy Lane.  Our office is less than a quarter mile away.  If you reach Magellan Drive, you have gone too far.

About Monroe, LA

Monroe is the eight largest city in Louisiana, United States and the parish seat of Ouachita Parish.  Approximately 50,000 people live in Monroe as of the 2010 census. Located in northern Louisiana, Monroe is 187 miles from Baton Rouge and only 100 miles from Shreveport.

Dating back to the early 19th century Fort Miro, the city got its name from a ship named after President James Monroe.

Home to several colleges, most notably the University of Louisiana at Monroe, the city shows its high regard for education and knowledge.  Workers Compensation LLC carries this tradition into our every day practice and lives as we serve our clients.


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You can also find additional information about this topic at online legal encyclopedia Nolo and learn more about your rights under workers’ compensation.


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